Private Clients

It doesn’t matter why you need to change currency, but here are a few examples of what we offer:

Cash Currency

We provide the best rates possible for all your Euro cash requirements, together with US Dollars and every other worldwide currency you’re likely to need, whether you’re buying or selling. Simply call with us or order online or by phone and we’ll organize all your requirements for you.

Going on holiday

Wherever you’re going in the world, we can supply all your foreign currency requirements, and we provide the most competitive rates available, saving you money on bank and post office rates. We will also buy back any unused currency when you come home, and we NEVER charge commission.

Buying property abroad

If you’re buying property abroad, you’ll be paying for the property in the currency of the country you’re buying in. We’ll get you the best available rates to purchase the currency, and arrange the transfer of the funds to the account you nominate, anywhere in the world. Or if you’re selling your overseas property, we’ll do it the other way round, and get you more money for the currency you have to sell.

Making a one-off International payment

Whatever kind of international payment you have to make, we can provide you with the best available exchange rates, and handle the transaction with the utmost efficiency.

Making regular international payments

Maybe you’re paying an overseas mortgage or service costs on your property abroad, or working abroad and transferring your salary home, or living abroad and receiving a UK pension, we can set up regular payments to or from your bank account, at our usual highly competitive rates.

Live in U.K and work in R.O.I. or vice-cersa

You’ll get more money for your salary by changing it with us. We’ll give you cash, a cheque, or we can deposit your monies straight into your bank account – which ever suits you best.

Expat working away and servicing expenses at home

If you’ve moved to a new country you may need to cover ongoing expenses at home. We can organise this too, just give us a shout.

Business Clients

UK business with R.O.I. clients or vice versa

Whether you’re trading from north to south or south to north, you’ll need to change Euro to Sterling or Sterling to Euro regularly. Whether you’re paying out or receiving cheques, cash or bank transfers, we’ll handle all your requirements quickly and efficiently, and we’ll give you unbeatable rates, whichever way you’re changing.

Importing/paying overseas suppliers

If you’re paying overseas suppliers you’ll usually have to pay for the product in the currency of the country you are importing from. We’ll provide the best available exchange rates, exceptional service and fast electronic international payments.

Exporting/receiving foreign currency

If you’re receiving funds from sales in other currencies you’ll want to convert the proceeds back to your own currency. We’ll guarantee to give you the most competitive exchange rates, exceptional service and fast, efficient payments.