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Currency Transfers for International Property

Buying property abroad, or just across the border in Ireland or Northern Ireland, is a huge financial outlay. For such large transactions, it would be foolish not to ensure you’re getting the best exchange rate for your money when making international payments.

We frequently work with customers making international payments for property to ensure they get the best deal available. These customers come to us because they want the keenest exchange rate available, and they don’t want to pay commission. It’s our commitment to continually offer excellent currency exchange rates and never charge commission which results in substantial savings for those buying property anywhere in the world.

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0% Commission on all transactions with Currency Xtra

Particularly when dealing with large sums of money, our customers need a service provider they can trust. We’ve been providing international currency exchange services for over eleven years now, and have built a reputation as a name you can trust, with efficient and reliable service.

When buying international property, our customers will often come to us to initially pay the large deposit. Once they’ve set up their account with us, which is a very simple process, they continue to make all international payments in this way, so they can service their mortgage, pay fees, and any other costs associated with their property.

If they go on to let the property, they often come to us to accept international money transfers too. The full service offering means our customers enjoy a fast and convenient service, and continue to save money for years.

Whether you’re buying property in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Europe, or anywhere in the world, it makes sense to talk to us about our international currency exchange service for property buyers. Get in touch on +44 28 66327084, or to discuss how we can help you save.