Honeymoon Money

Your honeymoon is very often the biggest trip you’ll take, and often the most expensive! So, getting the best deal on your currency exchange is so important, whether that’s to pay for bookings in advance via international money transfers, or for the travel cash you’ll need to bring with you.

Here at Currency Xtra, we pride ourselves on our low foreign exchange rates, and always aim to beat the rates of banks and other high street currency exchange specialists. On top of this, we won’t charge you commission, so the rate you see is the rate you’ll get! With the expense of honeymoons these days, this can mean significant savings for you to enjoy.

We exchange every currency in the world, so whether it’s Euro, Dollar, Yen, or you’re heading to a remote exotic location for your honeymoon, we can help!

Popular Honeymoon Currencies 2017

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0% Commission on all transactions with Currency Xtra

Should I travel with cash?

We’re often asked how much holiday cash to bring, and it’s almost an impossible question! Of course, it’s all dependent on the type of holiday or honeymoon, and your budget. But we do advise caution when it comes to paying with cards abroad these days given the growing trend of credit card fraud, which some tourist destinations can be infamous for. This is following the advice from the European Consumer Centre, who have recently advised caution to travellers when using your cards abroad due to high instances of card skimming. The Council have advised that cash is a safer option, particularly when eating and drinking out abroad.

Exchange Currency Before You Travel

Heading on honeymoon means you’ve recently got married, and have probably been incredibly busy organising and paying for everything that involves. Remembering to get your currency exchanged for honeymoon can be difficult amongst all the mayhem, but it’s important to ensure this is done before you travel, and not when you arrive at the airport. Airport foreign exchange operators are noted for offering the very worst rates available, so we highly recommend getting your currency in advance to avoid losing out.

So, get your currency in advance here at Currency Xtra for the best deal!