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Travel Money

As currency exchange specialists, we pride ourselves on offering the keenest exchange rates to our customers for all their travel money needs. Our local branches in Enniskillen, Lisnaskea, Belleek and Omagh carry stock of the most common holiday currencies, such as Euros, U.S. Dollars, Croatian Kuna, Thai Baht and Turkey Lira, making it easier and quicker for you to get your travel money.

For some less common currencies, we can order them in for collection at any of our branches. We can order any currency in the world, so wherever you’re going we can help you get the best deal on your travel money. Simply get in touch and let us know how much you need and what the currency is. We advise you to allow 4-5 days for this, but often your holiday cash will be available for collection sooner.

Whether it’s for a short city break, or a long-haul holiday, it is certainly worth getting your travel money exchanged in advance to get the best exchange deal. We have gained a reputation as the best local currency exchange provider because we always aim to beat the banks’ rates. We’re often asked how we can do this, and the answer is quite simple, we make less on each exchange.

What’s more, when you buy your foreign currency here, there are no hidden charges to be wary of. It is common for banks and other foreign exchange providers to charge commission, but we don’t. It’s just another way we can offer a better exchange deal to our customers!

Popular Holiday Currencies 2017

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0% Commission on all transactions with Currency Xtra

Currency Exchange at Airports

We strongly advise travellers not to wait until you get to the airport or ferry terminal to exchange your money. You’re a captive customer at this point, meaning you’re likely to get the very worst rates available. Money and travel experts, such as Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, advise against buying at the airport for this very reason.

Bring cash abroad or use your card?

It’s become more common for travellers to use their cards on holidays to avoid carrying more cash. The European Consumer Centre has recently advised against using your cards in some areas however due to high instances of card skimming, which can result in the loss of thousands of pounds before you even know it. The Council have advised that cash is a safer option, particularly when eating and drinking out abroad.

Currency Buy Back

Don’t worry if you end up bringing home pockets full of foreign currency after your holidays! We will buy back your excess notes from your travel money, with zero commission as always, and at our superb low exchange rates.