General FAQs

Do you charge commission?

No, we never charge commission.

Do I need to open an account with you?

No, for smaller cash transactions you are welcome to call into either of our offices (Enniskillen or Lisnaskea) and conduct any business you wish. For larger cash transactions, or for any business involving cheques or money transmission, you simply need to complete our New Customer Registration Form which lays out our Terms & Conditions, and provide us with identification.

What identification do I need to provide?

For any transaction over £5000.00 (or currency equivalent), we will need a copy of your passport, driving licence, or other photographic identification. For amounts over STG £7500.00 (or currency equivalent), or if you intend to do regular business with us, we will also need address verification by way of a second form of identification, such as a recent bank statement or utility bill, and evidence of the Source of Funds you wish to exchange.

Why do I need to provide identification?

We have a commitment to fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, and in line with HMRC regulations we must verify your identity, your address and the source of the funds which you are using if any transaction or series of transactions exceed the amounts indicated above.

How do I save money?

Because we don’t have the massive overheads or complicated structures that your bank or post office have, we can set our rates much more competitively than them. We specialize in foreign exchange and we will always endeavour to quote you a better exchange rate than your bank. Savings can be anything from 0.25% up to 4% depending on the amount being exchanged.

Will I get the same rate I see on the Internet?

The rates on the internet are “Inter-bank” rates, which means they are an indicative rate midway between the buy rate and the sell rate. Buying and selling margins are always based either side of these rates, so no-one can trade at the inter-bank rate. We believe, however, that Currency Xtra will quote you an exchange rate closer to these mid rates than anywhere else.

Can you send money anywhere in the world?

Yes, we can send money to any nominated bank account in any permissible country, provided you have all the details required, such as account numbers and bank codes etc. Further details are available on request.

What amounts can I transact with Currency Xtra?

We do not have minimum or maximum amounts. Your business is important to us whatever amount you wish to exchange.

What security do I have and is Currency Xtra regulated?

Currency Xtra is regulated by HM Customs & Excise and is registered as a Money Service Business, Cheque Casher and Money Transmitter. Our Registration Number is 12234123. This can be verified with them online or by calling 0845 010 9000.