Currency Transfers for Expats

Some of our most frequent customers for international money transfers are expats. Those who have moved away, whether that’s from Ireland to the UK, from Northern Ireland to the Republic, or further afield to the U.S. or Australia.

Many who have moved away need to regularly transfer money back home, whether that’s to service a mortgage or bills, or transfers to family and friends. For some, they’re getting money transferred to them from their homeplace.

The Irish and Northern Irish diaspora are notoriously spread all over the world, with an estimated one million Irish people living abroad. With just under half of those living in the UK, it is no surprise that some of the most common currency transfers we complete for expats is from Sterling to Euro, and vice versa.

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0% Commission on all transactions with Currency Xtra

There is also a large number of Irish and Northern Irish people living, working or travelling in countries like the U.S. and Australia, which means we frequently complete international bank transfers to and from U.S. and Australian dollars. Wherever you’ve moved to, we can offer currency exchange for every currency in the world.

We always aim to offer better exchange rates than the banks and other currency exchange providers, and we never charge commission. That’s how we’ve become renowned for excellent value currency exchange services over the last eleven years.

Our aim is to ensure our expat customers save money on every international money transfer, making it worth their while doing business with us.

To make an international bank transfer, or to enquire about how to set up this service quickly and easily, get in touch with us on +44 28 66327084, or info@currency-xtra.com. We can send the funds directly to your nominated account, to whatever country, in whatever currency you need. We’ll be happy to help!